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UPS Systems
Prism Power is the exclusive UK & Eire provider of innovative rotary-diesel UPS systems manufactured by KST of Belgium. KST Cleanwave® KPS UPS systems can be installed in plant-room environments or containerised as a continuous power system. There is no requirement for air-conditioning with the KST machine, not even power electronics, which adds greatly to the energy saving and reliability of the finished project.

The principle of operation is simplicity itself. Energy is stored in a flywheel whilst the grid power is present and, when the grid fails, released to maintain the load at the precise voltage and frequency for the stored energy autonomy time. The 'Rotabloc' machine stores enough energy to support the critical load for:

• 12 seconds at full, 100%, load

• 17 seconds at a typical 70% Tier III load

• 40 seconds at a typical 30% Tier IV load

For machines rated at less than 320kW/400kVA the autonomy time can be considerably extended if required.

The autonomy time is more than sufficient to start a standby generator in a relaxed condition - thus achieving a continuous power system without batteries, power electronics, power capacitors and an aggressive starting regime on the diesel engine.

Rotary UPS Systems
As stand-alone systems with 12 seconds of autonomy at full load, or to be integrated with an existing standby generator system, we can engineer critical power systems from 200kVA to 2400kVA with N+1 redundancy for Tier I-III or 2x3200kVA for Tier IV Classification. The product makes very few special demands on the generation system and we can normally make any required up-grades as part of the project.

Diesel UPS Systems
With an integrated bespoke generation system we can engineer a continuous power system with no restriction on the balance between critical UPS power rating and short-break essential load. Unlike conventional Diesel-UPS systems the full high-fidelity power of the UPS is reserved for the critical load and does not have to be 'shared' with the essential load, such as the mechanical cooling system.

Medium Voltage Systems
Systems with integrated diesel support can be engineered at 11kV to produce up to 9.6MVA in N+1 configuration.

Unlimited power is available with 12 seconds of autonomy without diesel support.

Rental Systems
Prism Power is able to supply containerised UPS (ratings at 400, 800 and 1600kVA) for medium and long term rental. The system can be complimented by a containerised diesel generator, also on a rental basis, for long-term autonomy beyond 12 seconds. We will fully engineer, procure, install and start-up the rental system and support it 24x7.

PRoducts Overview


Flywheel Energy Storage: an alternative to batteries in UPS Systems

By Ian F Bitterlin
Sales & Marketing Director
Prism Power Limited

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Certified Quality

Prism Power has exceptionally high standards of quality. As a ISO 9001:2000 certified company and along with our KEMA and ASTA certification for their switchgear bringing customers reliabiliy and savings through value engineering.

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