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Power Generation

Power densities in the latest generation of Finance, Internet and Telecommunication related buildings have increased dramatically as we pass into the new century. Despite increasing IT performance per Watt there appears to be no slow down in the growth of the facility electrical load - systems just get bigger.

In common with their heritage - traditional computer centres - the new generation of critical loads requires both high fidelity power and to be independent of the vagaries of the mains supply. Therefore, power generation has to be integrated into the site infrastructure.

Traditional standby sets, the so-called "packaged" systems, have suffered from the technically retrograde commercial pressures of the last decade and face a tough examination when performance is an issue. Pressures to reduce costs have forced the consolidation to fewer suppliers, each one trying to maintain maximum production of technically basic and standardized sets. Particular engines and alternators are committed to, in bulk, to reduce purchase costs. Demands from clients for bespoke solutions are not welcome in this manufacturing scenario.

Loads are larger but, more importantly, are concentrated in smaller building envelopes. With increasing electrical load density the associated mechanical cooling load rises to a point of criticality. No longer can the cooling system wait for a few minutes until the standby generator system has substituted for the mains supply - within one minute the ambient temperature will have risen to unacceptably high levels and the load will be compromised. Therefore standby generation capacity has to be up-and-running, carrying the critical load, within a matter of seconds.

This is where Prism Power comes into the picture - committed to providing bespoke designs that meet the highest specifications - and with more than 30 years of in-house experience in power solutions Prism Power deeply understands the needs of critical power systems.

With no restrictive allegiances to any particular engine or alternator manufacturer the choice of engine, coupling, alternator, electronic governor, starting systems, PLC controls, switchgear, fuel system, exhaust and noise attenuation is completely open. Prism Power generation engineers are able to specify bespoke sets that meet the needs of the client's specific application.

In-house design expertise ensures that the combination of all of the elements, including outside of the generator envelope, is trouble free and works with the optimum reliability and efficiency.

As the loads have become larger, and the acceptable power outage period becomes shorter, standby power generators have to be able to accept a larger step load than ever before. Specification requirements up to 60% load step, from cold, with minimal speed drop and fast recovery times, are becoming more usual. This stretches the established "packaged" ratings of diesel engines to the limit and, generally, can only be met by carefully selecting engines with high ratings and which are comfortable with the aggressive starting duty.

Once on-line and running with the critical load it is the electrical performance that takes precedence in the specification. Modern critical loads are predominantly single phase and comprise switched mode power supplies which produce leading power factor loads which are difficult to specify in advance. To ensure a sinusoidal voltage against such loads requires a high degree of expertise in selecting an alternator design - since standard packages set are not capable of exporting, only absorbing, capacitive/reactive kVARs.

In addition, Prism Power engineers work closely with the client in the areas of PLC control, bulk fuel storage, noise control and exhaust emissions - all of which form part of the overall Prism Power engineering package.

Switchgear of the highest quality is a specialty of Prism Power and is essential for the reliable starting and running of standby generation installations.

Integrated within the building envelope, or containerized, any accommodation problems that could arise can be overcome. Add to this the professional project management, experienced site installation teams and rapid after-sales-service that Prism Power bring to every contract and you have a winning combination that will result in years of dependable and trouble free operation.
The in-house expertise, guaranteed integration of the critical elements of the generation equipment, together with the independence from hardware manufacturers, makes Prism Power your perfect partner for high integrity bespoke power generation.

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