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Power Conditioning

•  Dynamic UPS Cleanwave® KPS

Voltage conditioner Cleanwave® KSC

Zero sequenced filter Cleanwave® KSHo

•  Frequency converter Cleanwave ® KSFC

  Dynamic UPS Cleanwave® KPS

12 second autonomy. No power electronics.
The optimum solution to the problems of power reliability and quality.

•  Total power failure.
•  Stand alone : min 12s.
•  Associated with diesel power generator : unlimited.

•  Slow voltage fluctuations.

•  Overvoltages and voltage drop-outs.

•  Harmonic and inter-harmonic voltage distortion.

•  Harmonic currents.

•  Rapid voltage variations (Flicker).

Advantages :

•  High reliability.

•  No power electronics.

•  The most compact of its category.

•  Excellent voltage regulation.

•  High short-circuit power with a very limited impact on the mains.

•  Power factor close to 1.

•  Easy connection in parallel.

•  Easy interfacing with power generator.

Range from 200kVA to 1000kVA.


  Voltage conditioner Cleanwave® KSC

The optimum solution to all problems of Power Quality as described in standard IEC 1000-2-2

•  Slow voltage fluctuations

•  Voltage drop-outs and short interruptions

•  Overvoltages

•  Rapid voltage variations (Flicker)

•  Injection of harmonic currents generated by non-linear loads

•  Harmonic and inter-harmonic voltage distortion

•  Unbalanced loads

•  Low power factor

Advantages :

•  High reliability

•  No power electronics

•  Power factor close to 1

•  High short-circuit power with a very limited impact on the mains

•  Easy connection in parallel

Range from 30kVA to 1500kVA


  Zero sequenced filter Cleanwave® KSHo

The optimum solution to problems of neutral current

•  Impressive reduction of neutral current (typically by 10)

•  Reduction of the harmonic currents

•  Improvement of voltage wave shape

•  Partial re-balancing of currents

•  Power factor improvement

•  Reduction of electrical and electromagnetic disturbances

•  Energy savings

•  Easy connection in parallel


  Frequency Converter Cleanwave ® KSFC

A robust and economical solution for 50/60 Hz conversion

•  High reliability (MTBF > 100.000h)

•  The load is always fed by a constant voltage

•  Not affected by mains voltage fluctuations ± 15%

•  Not affected by transient voltage drops and dips

•  High transient overload capacity (high peak current ~ 10 x I nominal)

•  Upstream from the mains, the load always appears as :
•  Perfecty balanced
•  Perfecty linear
•  Having a power factor close to 1

•  Easy installation and operation

•  No electromagnetic disturbances and high level of immunity

•  Outstanding voltage stability

•  Compact

•  Easy connection in parallel

Range from 100kVA to 1600kVA


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